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Dr. Zahra Saadati provides surgical and laser treatments for hemorrhoids, fissures, sinus pilonidal, anorectal abscesses, and anal fistula.

You can definitely get rid of all types of internal or external hemorrhoids, sinus pilonidal, anorectal abscesses, and anal fistula in a single session. We employ the most advanced types of lasers to provide you with painless and bleeding-less outpatient treatments that require no anesthesia and cause no complications of conventional surgical procedures.

All surgical procedures are performed using high-power lasers by Dr. Zahra Saadati, a general surgeon and laser surgery specialist based in Pasdaran, Tehran.

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Here you can find complete information about laser therapy for hemorrhoids and other anorectal diseases, the best and most effective treatments for hemorrhoids in children, hemorrhoids in pregnant women, high-power hemorrhoids laser, and infrared coagulation (IRC) of hemorrhoids (a painless treatment that causes no complications).

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Hemorrhoid Surgery with Laser and Hemorrhoid Laser Therapy

Different types of lasers are employed in the treatment of hemorrhoids, the most efficient of which are infrared coagulation of hemorrhoids (IRC) and high-power CO2 laser. The former is used for hemorrhoids laser therapy and the laser is used for hemorrhoids laser surgery.

A low-power laser can be used for hemorrhoids laser therapy and nonsurgical treatment of hemorrhoids. This type of laser is emitted to the thrombosed area of the hemorrhoids to absorb red blood cells and shrink the hemorrhoid paque. In some cases of hemorrhoids or fissures where a low-power laser cannot be used, the patient has no choice but to undergo hemorrhoid surgery. This type of surgery has many advantages over conventional methods (using blades and cauters) because it is perfumed by using a high-power laser.

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What is Hemorrhoid or Pile?

Existing throughout the large intestine and anus, hemorrhoid paques or piles help defecation. Hemorrhoids refer to the swollen and painful hemorrhoid paques as well as the rectal and anal vessels. This condition is called external hemorrhoid when these swollen vessels are below and out of the dentate line and external hemorrhoid when they are above the dentate line and inside the anus. It can also turn into thrombosed hemorrhoids when it causes blood clots, bruises, and severe pain. Thrombosed hemorrhoids may occur both inside and outside of the anus.

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Hemorrhoids or piles are highly prevalent as 90% of the world’s population experience this condition at least once in their lifetime. Therefore, there is no point in embarrassment for talking about your problem or visiting a general surgeon. If you visit a physician and take the right medication, you can easily prevent the progression or recurrence of this disease.

Do hemorrhoids or piles heal on their own?

This disease does not improve by itself; you can prevent the progression or recurrence of this disease by taking timely medical procedures and following a healthy diet and lifestyle. Since the anus is the passage of feces and waste, hemorrhoids or piles may gradually get chronic and advanced if they remain untreated. The anus is an active area of the body where any disease can quickly progress; as a result, any anal disease should be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible.