dr zahra saadati laser clinic

About Dr. Zahra Saadati

about dr zahra saadati laser clinic

Dr. Zahra Saadati, a general surgeon and laser surgery specialist, is the first female surgeon who performed professional and specialized laser surgery for anorectal diseases in a single session in Iran. She received a board certificate from Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran, Iran, in 1999. She has also passed specialized training courses in high-power laser surgery in Russia, Türkiye, and Iran.

The general surgeries performed by Dr. Zahra Saadati with lasers in Tehran include:

  • Surgery and specialized hemorrhoid laser or piles
  • Plastic surgery and laser surgery for pilonidal sinus
  • Surgery and laser anal fissure
  • Surgery and laser treatment of abscess fistula and other types of anal diseases
  • Surgery and laser of masses under the skin
  • Cosmetic Surgery

Answering the reception phone from Saturday to Wednesday 9:00-19:00

02122761600 , 02122766853 , 09120052674

Address:No 457, Pasdaradan Ave, 9th Golestan St. Tehran-IRAN

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