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Images of hemorrhoids or piles

Images of hemorrhoids or piles

The following images of hemorrhoids or piles may help you to get to know more about this disease. Hemorrhoids are almost the same in shape in women, men, and children. Women are more at risk of hemorrhoids since a wider range of factors can cause hemorrhoids in women. It is very good that you are curious to know and diagnose your disease. This helps you better understand and obey your doctor’s requests and orders. It also allows you to understand your doctor when he/she talks to you about different stages of your disease or the course of treatment. Here you can see some images of different types of hemorrhoids.

Before and after hemorrhoid laser:

Many patients expect hemorrhoid treatments to both regain their health and maintain the beauty of the area. One of the advantages of hemorrhoid laser surgery is that it is performed very delicately and leaves no surgical scar. Hemorrhoids or piles laser surgery causes negligible pain and bleeding in a way that patients can quickly return to normal life and their workplaces. This advantage not only shortens the recovery period but also minimizes the risk of recurrence.

Before and after laser surgery for hemorrhoids, photos of women's hemorrhoids

This image is related to a patient with internal and external hemorrhoids. You can see that there is no trace of bleeding or incisions immediately after laser surgery.

Since inflammation after hemorrhoid laser surgery is much less than conventional hemorrhoid surgery, patients tolerate much less pain and go through a very short recovery period.

before and after of hemorrhoid laser

This image shows a thrombosed hemorrhoid that has been shrunk by laser light. This low-power laser stimulates the rapid absorption of red blood cells. When the low-power laser or IRC is emitted to the affected area, the hemorrhoid blood clots are absorbed more quickly than usual.

hemorrhoid laser before after

These images show the application of a low-power laser for the treatment of thrombosed external hemorrhoids. Blood clots are quickly absorbed immediately after the emission of low-power laser or IRC. There will be no traces of external hemorrhoids one week after laser surgery.

قبل و بعد لیزر هموروئید خارجی

The bruising you see in the left image is related to blood clots of thrombosed external hemorrhoids. The patient has fully recovered after hemorrhoid laser using a low-power laser, and there is no trace of surgical scars.

Images of External Hemorrhoid or Piles

external hemorrhoid

External hemorrhoid-External piles

Thrombosis external hemorrhoids photo of hemorrhoids in women

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids

Thrombosed external hemorrhoids

The above images show external hemorrhoids that occur after the dentate line. These bruised, swollen, and painful, are called thrombosed external hemorrhoids due to the existence of blood clots trapped in a thrombosed area.

Internal hemorrhoids occur below the dentate line and are sometimes prolapsed. You can see the appearance of prolapsed internal hemorrhoids or piles in the following images. You can also see some external hemorrhoids around them.

You can see in the above images that the patient suffered from both internal and external hemorrhoids. Therefore, the patient was treated by using a combination of low-power and high-power lasers. The patient was also provided with the necessary advice after laser surgery to prevent the risk of developing hemorrhoids in other areas of the body. As you can see in this image, hemorrhoid laser causes no bleeding.

females external hemorrhoid

External hemorrhoids or piles that require the removal of skin tags by high-power laser

females external hemorrhoid

External hemorrhoids or piles that require a surgical procedure with high-power laser

females external hemorrhoid

External hemorrhoids or piles that can be treated by hemorrhoid laser with a recurrence risk of almost zero

Highly protruded external piles with anal skin tags

Highly protruded external piles with anal skin tags that can be treated by high-power laser without leaving surgical scars

Images of External and Internal Hemorrhoid

hemorrhoid or piles

Multiple internal hemorrhoids prolapsed from the anus

Hemorrhoid colonoscopy

Internal hemorrhoids or piles protruded from the dentate line

Internal hemorrhoids or piles protruded from the dentate line

Prolapsed internal hemorrhoids

You can see protruded internal piles, which are also called prolapsed internal hemorrhoids. This type of hemorrhoid is of Grade 4 that cannot be corrected even with hand pressure. This case of hemorrhoids was treated by high-power laser without leaving surgical scars and with a recurrence risk of almost zero.

protruded piles or prolapsed hemorrhoids

You can see protruded piles in this image. Protruded hemorrhoids are also called Grade 4 internal hemorrhoids or prolapsed hemorrhoids

Other Images of Hemorrhoids or Piles

hemorrhoid or tumor

The hemorrhoid shown in this image was treated in a surgical procedure; a tumor was detected in the pathology sample

types of hemorrhoid

In the picture above, you can see different types of hemorrhoids

hemorrhoid and fistula

side effects of delayed hemorrhoid surgery

Hemorrhoids burned with a hot brick

This image shows a patient with hemorrhoids who has tried to burn the hemorrhoids with a hot brick. The patient was treated by laser surgery but the burn scar did not disappear. Please avoid self-medication or traditional and irrational measures to treat hemorrhoids.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about images of hemorrhoids or piles

1-What do hemorrhoids look like?

The appearance of thrombosed hemorrhoids can be easily recognized because it looks like a hot and swollen bulb. Non-thrombosed hemorrhoids appear as a piece of rubber or a skin tag.

2-Is it possible to detect internal hemorrhoids through images?

When you visit a specialist, he/she asks you some questions about your medical history. The specialist can do an internal examination if you do not have pain. If your pain and lesions prevent the accurate diagnosis of internal hemorrhoids, the specialist prescribes you MRI. Patients aged over 40 years with bleeding are usually prescribed to undergo a colonoscopy.

3-How are the before-after images of hemorrhoid surgery?

If you undergo laser surgery, the appearance of the treated area is not much different from a healthy anus. In addition, there will be no traces of scars or wounds after one week to two months. Hemorrhoid laser therapy also leaves no traces of wounds after one week. By contrast, after conventional hemorrhoid surgery with blades and cauters, the surgical wound would take more than two months to heal and the wound may leave a permanent scar.

4-What do hemorrhoids in women look like in images?

There is no difference between the appearance of hemorrhoids in men, women, and children. However, the risk of hemorrhoids is higher in women, especially pregnant women because pregnancy imposes great pressure on the anus. Hormonal changes during pregnancy also increase the risk of hemorrhoids in women.


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